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Everything is in flux. Nothing stands still.” When the philosopher Heraclitus spoke those words 2,500 years ago, he could not have known how relevant they would be in the 21st century.
Technology advances. Challenges arise. Businesses need to be agile and responsive to new ideas. Our events bring together expert knowledge and influential speakers to communicate that change to you and your business.
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Global Conference on Corporate Wellbeing Management and Solution Providers

19-20 May, 2022 - Miami, Florida

Mental Health in the workplace is a necessity for companies that thrive to support their employees in a fast-changing working environment. Beyond essential human empathy, prosperous company leaders have di

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What we do

From international conferences and workshops to presentations and seminars, Rasus Global events is here to help your business. With input from high-profile speakers and experts, we disseminate current research, knowledge and best practice through forums, discussions, workshops and presentations.
Our delegates, event sponsors and partners reap substantial benefits through B2B meetings, networking, product launches and promotion.
But our offering goes well beyond the conference hall. The results of our conferences feed back into research and good professional practice all over the world.
What we do


Promote your brand at one of our high-profile events or conferences. It's the ideal way to reach delegates, potential customers, and industry professionals. In return for supporting a RAUS event, we offer wide exposure for your company, product or service.

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Media partner

We work with multiple news and media outlets to ensure that our expertise and knowledge is spread widely but also targetted to those who will benefit most. And as a partner you benefit too from our association.


Be part of our worldwide collection of expert and influential speakers. We're looking for inspiring individuals at the top of their game. If that sounds like you, please get in touch with us or find out more below.


Rasus Global events are the product of meticulous research and planning, combined with steamlined events management. Come and work for an inspirational company that knows about the business of knowledge.

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    Cell&Gene Therapy

    8-9 November, 2021 | Virtual
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    Food Connect Summit

    7-8 April, 2022, Miami
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    Connected Worker & OpEx

    10-11 February, 2022
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    Corporate Wellbeing Management

    19-20 May, 2022 - Miami, Florida
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    Cleaning Validation

    November 29-30, 2021|USA
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    Pharma & Logistics

    25-26 October, 2021 | USA
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    3-4 February, 2022
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    IT & Cybersecurity

    October 18-19, 2021 | USA
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    Software Engineering

    09-10 September, 2021 | Miami, Florida
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    9-10 June, 2022 Miami