19-20 May, 2022 - Miami, Florida

Global Conference on Corporate Wellbeing Management and Solution Providers

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Conference Background:

Mental Health in the workplace is a necessity for companies that thrive to support their employees in a fast-changing working environment. Beyond essential human empathy, prosperous company leaders have direct business incentives to address Mental Health. Wellbeing Management practices have to be put in place in order to gradually decrease corporate costs and improve overall productivity. Furthermore, such unpretentious Human Resources activities as encouraging mindfulness and re-instituting work-life boundaries can create a strong basis for improving resilience at the workplace, which ultimately results in creating an advanced ethical corporate culture and building a sustainable enterprise environment. 

Microsoft offers its employees a mental health counseling initiative, Johnson & Johnson’s have a custom mindfulness and resilience app formed upon behavioral studies science, EY provides continuous wellbeing services and mental health assistantship. These are just some of the most common examples of how corporations and solution providers can drastically improve their HR programs to benefit their productivity rates, but there is a lot more that could be done in terms of fighting work-related risk factors that can harm employee’s mental health & challenge your company’s performance. 

If you’ve longed to find a place where all the tools for a successful Corporate Wellbeing Management would be presented, discussed and reviewed, our Global Conference has been created for you. We unite professionals from top companies to talk about the best management practices to support employees’ capabilities and increase their daily functioning. We give you real instruments to integrate corporate mental health safety programmes, as well as to finally sustain wellbeing after 2 years of remote work. Join us today to lead the industry tomorrow!


# Overview

The Main Highlights of the Conference:

Reducing corporate overall costs and improving employee productivity
Building strong management hierarchy divided by race, gender, disability, and sexual orientation
Discussing Business Ethics with the use of Artificial Intelligence
Observing the role of leadership in creating conditions for improved resilience at the working place
Analyzing Wellbeing of employees in a fast changing and fast moving working environment
Integrating corporate wellbeing programs







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Conference Schedule

Sessions arranged to make your time interesting.

Establishing Company Culture through an Integrated Approach to Employee Wellness

Wellbeing of Employees in a Fast Changing and Fast-moving Working Environment

Mental Health and New Standards Put in Place by Enterprises

What Makes a Team Effective at Google?

Corporate Social Performance and Creating Shared Value to Help Businesses Thrive

Setting up the Digital Workplace



Improving Human Performance through Unique Solutions & Drive Higher Productivity

Drive Business Opportunities through Relationships with Community Leaders and Organizations

Implementation to Help Enterprises Find Solutions and Gain Market Intelligence

Discussing Business Ethics with the use of Artificial Intelligence

Reconnect & Renew Your Satisfaction with Work

Reducing Corporate Overall Costs and Improving Employee Productivity



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