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RASUS Global Events is a market leader in the field of business events, conferences and professional webinars.

We bring together influencers, key speakers, and delegates across a wide spectrum of business expertise. Our unique combination of expert speakers and business intelligence provides exactly the knowledge you require to keep your business agile and responsive.

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Our bespoke business events are the ideal platform for you to

Update your knowledge

Ways of doing business and communicating are changing all the time. With our fresh outlook, Rasus Global events are just the tonic to stimulate new strategies and new growth.

Share your expertise

Nothing is more satisfying than showing others what you have achieved and how you got there. Your listeners will thank you for your input, and you will never forget them!

Reach new audiences

People who come to our talks take away more than just knowledge. They also make new contacts, partners and customers. That’s the real benefit of Rasus Global events.

Engage your customers

Keeping your customers happy is best achieved with active participation in imaginative events. Not only do your clients go away satisfied; they also trust you to deliver.


Feel free to write, call and visit us. We really love to communicate with our clients.

900 N FEDERAL HWY, suite 306
FL 33009, Miami, Florida

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    Cell&Gene Therapy

    8-9 November, 2021 | Virtual
    Setup Ave

    Food Connect Summit

    7-8 April, 2022, Miami
    Setup Ave

    Connected Worker & OpEx

    10-11 February, 2022
    Setup Ave

    Corporate Wellbeing Management

    19-20 May, 2022 - Miami, Florida
    Setup Ave

    Cleaning Validation

    November 29-30, 2021|USA
    Setup Ave

    Pharma & Logistics

    25-26 October, 2021 | USA
    Setup Ave

    3-4 February, 2022
    Setup Ave

    IT & Cybersecurity

    October 18-19, 2021 | USA
    Setup Ave

    Software Engineering

    09-10 September, 2021 | Miami, Florida
    Setup Ave

    9-10 June, 2022 Miami