3-4 February, 2022

Fundamentals of CDO Leadership in Data-Driven Enterprises

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Business Data Protection Implementations and Innovative System’s Integration

With the progress made in technologies, most of the daily business operations has been changed significantly.  All business enterprises and the majority of our daily life actions is now closely connected to the activity of sharing and collecting data at any time of the day globally. Information exchange has caused great danger to the process, storage and the cross-border sharing of Data by leading companies in every industry. Many of them were not storing and sharing the data properly and thus became vulnerable to be targeted by Cyber-Attacks, especially during the Pandemic. This resulted in huge financial losses as well as many customers starting to lose faith and  devote more attention to companies and their requirements of how data is shared with the third parties. 

IT professionals  and digital developers are not the only ones involved in Data Protection field. Legal bodies play a significant role, creating and enforcing new rules for the companies to minimize the damages in their systems, and secure the privacy of customers, partners, finances.  For this reason, CDO’s have gained a significant importance in every industry supporting  organizations and companies with their legal background as well as their implacable knowledge on IT.

Finance, Tech and Healthcare industries are the most affected by data and security breaches recently.  The reason is that these sectors are relying heavily on processing of personal data such as identification numbers, financial equity, social security and other assets therefore the demand to secure data properly has grown significantly. 

RASUS Data Protection and System Integration Conference invites all professionals of the industry to join and exchange ideas, concerns, solutions,  new implementations and support the industry development with approaches to Data Protection and Privacy,  while always complying with the rules enforced by legal bodies globally. 

# Overview

The Main Highlights of the Conference:

Analyzing the Latest Updates in the Global Regulatory Environment
Identifying Legal Challenges and Appliances of m-Health in the Health System
Implementing Cloud - based Systems while Meeting Security Requirements
Examine How Does Trans-border Data Flow Effect the Productivity
The Effects of New GDPR Implementations on the Aviation Industry
Discover Emerging Technologies & System Integration to Protect Data
Data Protection in the Field of Education Industry
Ensuring Data Protection in Telecommunications Industry







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Conference Schedule

Sessions arranged to make your time interesting.

The role of a Chief Data Officer – Fundamentals of CDO 

Challenges when performing DPIA for Cloud Services 

Good Quality Data, and Data Controls Essential to Ensure Corporate Success

Key Principles that EDPS has in place in order to ensure Data Protection

Data Sovereignty, its impact on Tech Enterprises regarding E-commerce and Behavioral Advertising



 Formulating Silo-elimination tactics while introducing Data Capture Methods such as Analytics&Tracking

Ensuring Data Protection and Delivering Next Generation Endpoint Security to Protect Businesses and Individuals

Regulations of Emerging Technologies in the Field of Security and Law Enforcement


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